Geotracking – without the fuss

The beauty of geoBlaqTrax is in its simplicity. Our short video explains why our geotracking tool does everything it should with one game-changing difference. Check it out.





Consent First!

Consent First!

Your employee is required to give their consent before the geoBlqTrax tracking link is activated. All parties are automatically informed after the employee provides their consent to the tracking, giving you peace of mind that your employees are fully informed and fully on board.

Keep your children safe

GeoBlaqTrax teaches your children about the power of consent and helps them feel equal and valued while allowing you to rest assured knowing that our tool lets you keep an eye on them as they become more independent.

Our tool doesn’t monitor your children’s screens or digital activities, just their location. It offers the perfect compromise for kids who want freedom and parents who want to know they’re safe.

An elegant geotracking tool

without the fuss

geoBlaqTrax is simple, effective and has all the features you’d expect, except one:

our tool doesn’t require installation.

No Strings Attached

Our competitors rely on the installation of physical devices or software for their tracking. We’re different.

With geoBlaqTrax, your worker simply clicks on a link and leaves the browser running as they complete the task. This means that your workers can move on, worry free, after they complete the task while allowing you to keep an eye on their performance.


Fleet tracking hardware is so expensive, all my truckies have a smartphone, geoBlaqtrax saved us a bunch!

Being a contract worker, I have no problem when employers ask me to use geoBlaqTrax, why? Because it doesn't require me to install anything in my car or on my phone.

geoBlaqTrax allows me to keep tabs on my sales staff on the road, I know they're safe and productive at the same time.

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