geoBlaqTrax allows you to track your workers in real time as they complete their tasks. Giving you the power to supervise your workforce – no matter where they are.

An elegant geotracking tool without the fuss

geoBlaqTrax is simple, effective and has all the features you’d expect, except one:

our tool doesn’t require an app installation or hardware.

Benefits of Tracking Employees

Geotracking gives you the power to:

  • Ensure your workers are complying with safety regulations.
  • Verify your workers time records.
  • Ensure company policies are adhered to.
  • Correctly allocate any speeding fines or penalties for traffic violations.
  • Know where your employees, contractors and loved ones are and keep them safe.

The geoBlaqTrax Difference

Unlike other monitoring apps, geoBlaqTrax doesn’t rely on the installation of anything. No physical devices, no software, no apps. Instead, all your worker needs to do is give their consent and click a link that will enable tracking via their browser.

geoBlaqTrax allows you to track multiple employees using the same system. The program uses a simple dashboard to show you the location of all your employees live on a digital map.

A pricing model for any business

Whether you have a single virtual assistant or a national team of 5000,

we have a pricing structure that works for you.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge.


Try before you buy…


Fleet tracking hardware is so expensive, all my truckies have a smartphone, geoBlaqtrax saved us a bunch!

Being a contract worker, I have no problem when employers ask me to use geoBlaqTrax, why? Because it doesn't require me to install anything in my car or on my phone.

geoBlaqTrax allows me to keep tabs on my sales staff on the road, I know they're safe and productive at the same time.

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